Thursday, April 1, 2010


Regardless of who is higher in the pecking order or how much experience someone has had, whether someone has treated you well or has said or done the wrong thing, it is vital that you maintain a positive relationship with everyone on set and off set.
Not only does it make your life easier when working on a project with many other creative people but it also reflects on you as a part of a whole.
A large percentage of work in this Industry comes from referral and if you alienate yourself from the team for one reason or another you may find you miss out on many future possibilities.
It is not just a simple situation of turning up and doing the work required it is also how well you cope with being a part of a team – it’s not just your skill, it’s also your demeanor.
Nobody wants to work with an arrogant wanker regardless of how amazing they are.
I have worked with some very talented young creatives who were very welcoming and professional to begin with, but unfortunately during the project they let everything go to their head and got a bit too big for their boots – needless to say that unfortunately their career in the Industry was very short lived.
Do you want to be remembered for one amazing project or many?
It’s all about longevity and not just the here and now.
To all the young budding crew members, actors and even directors out there, make sure you don’t burn your bridges before even crossing them; this is a very tight knit little community and it doesn’t take long before word gets around.
You never know who has done what and who they may know - so grow a thick skin, grow up, keep it real but keep it nice and you shall prosper.