Monday, April 4, 2011


“Registered training organisations (RTOs) are providers and assessors of nationally recognised training and can include private independent businesses.”

The two key phrases in this statement are:

1. “providers and assessors of nationally recognised training”

In Australia we currently do not require an artist to be licensed to work as a makeup artist.
Some makeup counter work may require at least a Certificate II in Makeup, but not all are like this.

2. “private independent businesses”

When a private independent business provides training it is usually in conjunction with a specific brand of product.
This limits you to using only the one brand and in most times you are bombarded by constant propaganda.

I have met and worked with some extremely talented and hard working artists who have never had 'formal' qualifications but have trained under another artist, and yet they are very successful in their field.

I myself began in the Film and Television Industry as a Makeup Artist before I studied my qualifications and the only reason I studied was because I thought it would boost my career.
I still have never had anyone question my qualifications so, in reality; it was something I didn’t really require.

After spending a short time teaching Certificate II in Makeup Services at a makeup college in Brisbane where the learning material and delivery methods were outdated, incorrect and aimed more at Beauty Therapists, I am now encouraging prospective students to also look at private tuition with respected artists.

Armed with feedback from many students regarding their disappointment in current makeup colleges, including the cost and training practises, overcrowding in classes where they do not feel they learn what they need, I am offering a great alternative in the way of personal tuition in Hair, Makeup and Special Effects.

This allows for greater flexibility in hours and obviously reduced training times and costs due to learning much quicker with personal attention.

I don’t represent one particular brand of cosmetics nor do I wish to.

I will not only teach the invaluable information of hygiene when working but also etiquette and different styles of makeup looks and products. I also specialise in Special Effects, I am experienced with hair styling, and I am in constant demand for my skills.

“Darin Rose is an experienced, qualified and professional Hair, Makeup and SFX Artist working in the Industry so he can provide you with relevant, on the job knowledge. Don’t fall into the trap of paying a government operated business excessive amounts of money to train with someone who is not even a makeup artist.”

For information about learning your skills and being a fabulous Makeup Artist send me an email at I am happy to customise a learning package to suit your requirements.