Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well, I started a new job in August 2012 of which I am a Casual Employee.
It’s now January 2013 so to date my employment with this company has turned into 5months.
During these 5 months, I have worked a grand total of 10 days at approximately 4hrs per day.

When I have investigated why this is happening I am told that there is little to no work available at this time – which is a practical response.

My next question would be “Why is this so?”
Followed by “What can we do to get more work?”
Well... of course... that’s the entrepreneurial approach and not your average plebs but it’s not exactly rocket surgery.

First and foremost, I must say, it is a complete travesty to have people (like myself) – Industry Professionals with years of experience, sitting and waiting for work which is never given, particularly when we are not even told of future employment opportunities.

To have these qualified creative’s (who are rare as hens teeth) sitting in unemployed limbo while production after production steamroll through the complex and offer them no support is absolutely putrid!

You are willing to have these people represent your company by allowing them to perform a skilled service on behalf of the company and yet you don’t have any interest in representing them in return.
You want these people to be available and on call at any given moment yet for no apparent reason.
You should be grateful that these technicians are even accessible to you and/or willing to accept these ridiculous conditions.

Hey...maybe if you were a tad inventive you would issue all new, upcoming and existing productions with an information pack including profiles of all of the crew who are available to provide their individual services to the production.

Showcase the talent we have in Brisbane, use these employees’ names and networks to build a proper creative service aimed at potential business clients.
Producers and Directors should know, first hand, what type of talent they have to choose from and what possibilities could transpire from employing them.

It’s called “ADVERTISING YOUR TALENT”. The Film Industry has been doing it for many years!

Let me tell you, once other business professionals are handed a shmicko information pack containing crew bios, images, history etc and told they can utilise these people at any time, you’ll find more positions opening up, much more employment and you’ll also improve the companies profile tenfold.

In the interim, I’ll just sit here and pick my arse while watching the same few being handed more and more hours and hope that someone with a half a brain is actually, truly creative and not just pretending to be like most.