Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Eyebrow blocking is used widely through Fashion now, but it started with theatre and drag performers many moons ago.

Heaps of people have asked me about how to cover brows and there are many products and techniques you can use to achieve the no eyebrow look without resorting to shaving them off completely.

The simplest way, the way I do it, is to use stick glue.
“Uhu” makes stick glue and it is perfect for cancelling out brows.
The stick glue is non toxic and washes off easily with cleanser and warm water.

Begin by lightly rubbing the glue straight from the stick into the brows against the direction of growth. (Starting at the outer brow and ending at the inner brow)

Grab a disposable mascara wand and brush the brows in to the direction of growth then start lightly wiping the glue stick onto the brows following the direction of growth. (Starting at the inner brow and ending at the outer brow)

Do this until you have basically glued the hairs down to your skin.
Apply some powder to the area to absorb excess moisture then continue to add more glue in the same way as before.

Make sure you don’t stretch the skin in this area as it will cause the skin to wrinkle.

Now apply some more powder and let it sit for a minute or two.
The surface should be flat to the skin and very smooth.

Lightly brush away any excess powder and then apply concealer or a high pigment pan stick over the dark areas where the brow colour shows through. Make sure you blend!

Set this with some more powder then lightly apply your desired foundation with a sponge making sure you keep blending.

Now set the whole lot with translucent powder and your brows should be completely concealed.

BTW...If the thought of using glue freaks you out then try using a simple bar of soap, slightly dampen the end of the soap and keep wiping across the brows in the direction of growth until you are satisfied that they are smooth then continue with powdering and adding concealer, foundation similar to the steps above.