Thursday, July 22, 2010


To all the independent, low budget filmmakers, Directors and Producers out there please understand that in order to have your production run smoothly and look great you need to allocate a decent amount of time for pre production.
There is a reason why major films are in pre production for months and months prior to the commencement of principle photography and this is because when you do eventually begin filming you don’t have time to even scratch your arse let alone organise requirements for the film.
This growing trend of thinking that you can pull a film together in a week or two is not only incorrect but it is immature and mindless.
Remember, the Industry has been around for a lot longer than half of you have been alive and there is always a good reason as to why things are done a certain way – usually it’s because it has been tried and tested and it works.
The more time you allow for pre production, the better your film will be.
I know it’s hard for you to control your excitement when funding comes through and you really want to get your project out there but most of us need at least 3- 4 months to order materials from overseas and have them delivered.
In my case, because it is not just a simple fact of hiring equipment at the last minute, I actually have to design and make all of the prosthetics, hair, makeups and SFX props for the entire film – they don’t just magically appear from 'mystical makeup world' and because I am too busy during the shoot applying these items to humans I do not have enough time to continue making them on set nor do I have the facilities to do so.
So, before you venture onto your next project, please be courteous and respectful enough to realise that there is a lot of hard work that goes into making your project look good and allow enough reasonable time for us to do our jobs effectively.
Oh and while your at it, maybe try to understand that we don’t just start work on day 1 of the shoot, usually we have started work on the film months in advance and we should be paid accordingly for this.
Just a thought. ;)