Thursday, April 1, 2010


I just had a question from a fellow makeup artist who wanted to know if I used a mixing medium and if so, which brand I preferred.
For anyone who may not know, a mixing medium is used to make a powder in to a liquid and makes detailed application easier with less “fall out”, it also enhances the depth of the colour making it more vibrant and aids in keeping the colour in place for a longer period of wear.
The answer to the question is “Yes I do use a mixing medium sometimes” but I don’t buy it as it is usually way too expensive, instead, I make my own.
It’s incredibly inexpensive and so easy to make, just follow this recipe:

1 part Glycerin
2 parts Water

Put into a sterilized eye dropper bottle and shake.

That’s it!!

Now when you use it, place a few drops onto a clean palette.
With a brush, collect the eye shadow you want to use and add the powder to the mixing medium.
Mix until the powder is a paste (not too runny) and apply as you wish.

The great thing about this is that once it has dried you can leave it as is or you can still blend edges well.

I hope this helps.
If anyone has any more questions please let me know, I am only too happy to answer them. :)