Saturday, April 10, 2010


There will be a lot of Makeup Artists out there that will cringe at what I am about to say but I don’t really mind, everyone is entitled to there own opinion.
Popular belief is that you are required to apply a primer prior to applying makeup.
Makeup primers are used to form a smooth surface on the skin so that makeup can evenly adhere to it.
The key ingredients in these primers are usually,
Dimethicone – used to form a water proof barrier.
Cyclomethicone/Cyclopentasiloxane – used as a spreading agent.
Dimethicone Cross Polymers – mostly used to give a powdery smooth finish.
What most people don’t consider is that most moisturisers contain these same ingredients – even the inexpensive ones.
Just because a cosmetic company tells you that you need something doesn’t mean that it’s true – they are simply charging excessive amounts of money for a product which is completely unnecessary.
I find that if your skin is cleansed well, exfoliated well and moisturised prior to applying makeup you don’t require a primer.
The first thing I do before I apply makeup to a client is apply Cetaphil moisturiser to their face and paw-paw ointment to their lips.
Then I make certain to apply foundation all over their face and neck including their lips and eyelids – believe it or not that is the skin “primed”.
You will find that the moisturiser creates and even texture, the foundation creates an even colour and the powder sets the whole lot.
Then I apply all the colour, eye shadows, blushes, brows, eyeliners, lips etc.
If you wish to seal the makeup once everything has been competed then use good old hairspray - but you must make certain the client knows to completely wash the makeup off prior to bedtime as this does not allow the skin to ‘breath’.
But hey, primers don’t allow the skin to breath either and that is why so many people suffer from blemishes when they use a primer and don’t wash it off properly.
So before you start purchasing expensive primers and sealers try using products you already have – they do exactly the same thing.