Friday, April 23, 2010


WARNING! – May still contain traces of bitchiness.

I posted a blog entry yesterday about this topic and found that it was a tad too bitchy so I decided to delete it and make an amended version.
Believe it or not this is the less bitchy version.

Here are a couple of exercises for upcoming young Directors, Producers and Photographers to complete prior to approaching Hair and Makeup Artists to work on your film/shoot.

1. Walk into a Hair Salon, tell them you want your hair cut, coloured and styled – say it’s for a special function and then tell them you have no money and cannot pay for it, but you’ll give them as much as you can afford now and, if everyone at the function likes it, you give them the rest later.

2. Phone a tradesperson and tell them you a going to refurbish your home. Say you want them to do it because you love their work and need someone with their experience. Now tell them you want it done for free.

Now, you know that word that they said to you - the one starting with ‘N’ and ending in ‘O’?
Keep that in mind when you next feel the urge to ask a professional Hair and Makeup Artist to work for free.
If you are going to require the services of a professional you are going to have to budget for it. Didn’t your parents teach you that?
This mentality that you can make a film or stage a photo shoot for no or little money of which you are going to benefit/profit from is simply childish. GROW UP!!!
If you are going to play with the big kids then make sure you are actually able to or you are going to be laughed at.
So to all those little film students and aspiring independent amateur film makers out there that constantly ask me to work for free – remember the lessons learned from practicing the exercises above.