Wednesday, March 31, 2010


If you have been contracted to do a specific job, under a specific title, then do not also attempt to perform work within another person’s role.
The reason why is quite simple.
In my case, as a Head of Department on a Feature Film, it is my duty to make sure that my department is well managed and adhering to a great number of rules and regulations. I have signed a legally binding contract which states this.
I also have to make sure I ‘come up with the goods’ as I have that duty for the project – not only the project but also for myself as an artist.
It is my name up there in the credits and if somebody unqualified and not within my department attempts to perform my jobs then it reflects not only on the quality and continuity of the film but also on the department and my own work.
I know that sometimes you just want to help out as much as you can and this is very admirable – but all you are doing is substituting your own work for someone else’s which will inevitably just make waves.
You are risking your own career in doing this as this is viewed as stepping on other peoples toes.
The reason we sign agreements at the beginning of a project is to confirm our positions and adhere to them, just stick to your own stuff and don’t ever agree to perform someone else’s work – there is just too much riding on it for you to screw it up.