Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am always asked about where I buy my blood from, I don’t buy pre made blood as it is too expensive, too pink and stains everything.
I make my own.
There are a lot of great blood recipes around but my recipe is inexpensive, can be mixed to your own liking and doesn’t seem to stain (as told to me by a well known wardrobe mistress).
Blood is not simply one regular colour or consistency, it changes depending on where and how deep an injury is and whether it is coming from the heart or going to the heart.
There are also differences between bleed outs, such as dripping, spraying or gushing.
You should do some research into the injury you are replicating in order to achieve more realistic results.
Some Directors want you to have many different bloods available for the one film so you must be prepared at all times when doing blood work.
I have two basic recipes which I use all the time and if something different is required I work on those to produce the required end result. Both recipes are non toxic.
The colouring agents I use are available at any supermarket in the cake making section and cost only a few dollars.
One recipe is for all over use - meaning that it can be used on the body, in the hair, on textiles and inside the mouth and nose. This blood remains runny and does not congeal. This is "Recipe 1".
The other recipe, while also being non toxic, is to be used only on the body and on textiles and does congeal. This is "Recipe 2".
Here are the links to my blood recipes, have a play with their colour and use them at your leisure.

Blood Recipe 1
Blood Recipe 2