Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The most important thing I have learned about this Industry is that you need to have a clear and detailed agreement signed prior to performing any work.
This agreement has to cover every conceivable outcome and is used to protect you and your work. I have had many horrible situations happen to me along my journey to which I had no ability to respond to or refute. The reason was because I did not have signed agreements in place.
Whether you are performing work for free, exchange or cold hard cash you need to outline the details agreed to and have it signed by the person in charge.
How many times have you performed work on a project and not been compensated in the way you had been promised in the beginning?
Having a standard agreement including all of your terms and forms of compensation will safeguard you against the ‘users’ out there – of which, there are many!
So, you may be thinking, “Won’t that mean that I might not get the work?”
Well, the way I see it is that anyone who is not willing to sign a simple agreement outlining the situation with no hidden clauses, has something to hide and is going to do the wrong thing by you. So… do you really want that to happen?
I have a detailed standard contract which I present to all potential productions – no signature = no services provided! If you would like to discuss this contract then please get in touch.