Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A film producer is someone who selects a screenplay, initiating the process of film making. They oversee the entire process including coordinating, supervising and controlling matters such as fund-raising, hiring key personnel such as the film director, other producers involved on production, line producer, accountant and they arrange avenues for the films distribution.

They also advise and control creating the scenes and conditions for making movies. The producer is totally involved throughout all phases of the filmmaking process from development to completion of a project.

I have worked with a number of Producers over the years and I accept that this role is one which requires hard work and dedication – most of the Producers I have worked with have been pretty much on top of their game and I would gladly work with them again.

Unfortunately though, there is one “Producer” I have worked with recently who shall remain anonymous that was completely delusional in thinking that they were able to refer to themselves as a Producer.

This person has worked on other projects and has been demoted and even fired from most of them because of their inability to come through with the promises they made, straight up lies and deceit, theft from the production budget and apparent attempts at sabotage.

The whole project, the cast and crew were all put in highly dangerous and stressful situations due to this person simply not doing their job and when anyone attempted to resolve these situations they were met with complacency and denial.

Currently, there are Chinese whispers being spread about the shoot and certain people who worked on it and I would ask anyone who hears such rumours to take them with a grain of salt as it is just this persons attempt at covering their footprints.

If you ever wish to know the truth about people then go to the source and don’t listen to any he said she said rubbish.

I will never work this person again and I will make certain that whenever their name is mentioned I will inform those who need to know about their ongoing blunders.

If you are hired to work on a gig make sure you do some research into the person who is hiring you and have a very strict contract signed prior to any work being initiated.