Saturday, November 20, 2010


I get a great number of emails asking me where to buy casting, molding and sculpting products and tools as well as SFX supplies, so, in case you haven’t heard, there is a fabulous new place open in Woolloongabba that sells everything you need.

The company is ‘Barnes’ and they have been around since 1986 and they've been growing ever since, now they are in Brisbane!

If you need anything for casting, molding, sculpting and special effects this is a “must visit” place!

My dear friend Kym Sainsbury is there to assist you with all your enquiries and because she has been a prosthetics guru for 20 odd years in the Film Industry she knows her stuff.

There are also future plans for Kym to hold workshops on many aspects of casting and mold making. Learn from the master!!!

You will also get to meet my fabulous Dad who works there as well.

Make sure you say a big hello from me.

Trust me – go there, you’ll think you’re in heaven…

All the products are a really excellent price and you will get all the advice you need to use them.

But take your credit card because you’ll end up spending big time!

Visit the Barnes website for more info.