Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Any one who has been reading my blog may have noticed how I feel about performing unpaid work – I think I have made it pretty clear.
However, I have not really discussed deferred payments.
Deferred payment is definitely an option for you and basically it means that instead of being paid a weekly rate per week to perform work on a film you keep record of all hours worked and once the film has been completed you are paid the money which is owing to you.
Seems like a simple concept doesn't it?
But, there seems to be a lot of very confused producers out there though, either that or they're simply dodgy, as I have been handed contracts which do not abide by the rules outlined by the 'Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance of Australia'.
You see, in order to offer deferred payments you have to apply for permission to do so and even if you are granted the right to offer this type of compensation there are many laws which govern your actions.
So that everyone is well aware of their rights and responsibilities I have included a link to the document that lists these details.
For anyone who has performed work on a deferred payment deal you may be shocked at what you read and for anyone thinking of entering into a deferred payment deal please keep a record of this document so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Here is the link,

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